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The Alexander Technique is a mind/body learning process based on the fact that the balance of the head, neck, and back has a fundamental influence upon the functioning of the whole person. It teaches us to become aware of when and how we interfere with our postural reflexes so that we can let go of the unnecessary habitual tension thus created and eventually prevent it.

It is designed to improve your posture and the quality of your movements by engaging both your mind and body through a gentle hands-on and verbal process of kinesthetic reeducation. Standing, sitting and moving become easy; pain decreases or disappears. As a result, your energy level increases and your overall health improves.

The Alexander Technique is also a method for:

  • calming down
  • finding your center
  • grounding your being
  • breathing more freely
  • trusting your instincts
  • freeing your voice
  • improving your body image
  • letting go of harmful habits
  • avoiding and easing RSI and other pain
  • exploring the unknown
  • easing physical tension
  • taking care of yourself
  • enjoying the present moment